Tuesday, September 23, 2014

They Will Say


That you had your chance
That it's impossible.
Think about it.
Well, perhaps if you'd come earlier?
or later
or with more style
more manly
been more a lady
That it's all stacked against you
against us all
That you're too old
too young
too small
too fat
too skinny
too tall
too short
not beautiful enough
or smart enough
That it's too complicated
that you don't understand
that it's a big world
meant for others
that you should have gone to college, or a different one
or never have
that someone got there first
that any way, it's too late
smarten up
it's over
you look nice in that dress
buy another one
grow up
there are no second chances.
That it's a system too complicated to understand
that it's been in place for so long
and others got there before you
and, you'll believe them
What were you thinking?
About a world meant for others
and the voice will falter
then disappear
and you'll repeat what you've heard
and it will begin
all over again
in another dimension...

because you know you're running out of time
that each moment matters
that they got it all wrong
that you can be loved
that you can be happy
that you are good
that you have always been
That you can imagine
just how it all should be
and that what is in your head
is the way it was meant to be
And it's a Voice telling you
that it never, ever, left you
was waiting for you

take its hand.

Second acts for everyone.

The Ivan Von Noshrilgram Foundation Copyright (2014)

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