Friday, November 14, 2014

for anyone who has ever loved deeply

for anyone who has ever loved deeply
This is an rough excerpt from Alistair A. Vogan's By Degrees, The Gentlest Asinine Expression.

For anyone who has ever loved deeply
anyone who's heart has ever ached
who’s been alone

This book is for you.

For anyone who has ever held a small child in their arms
and who has thought about the future of this planet
Or, specifically, if there will be flying cars. Or electric pants? Will monkeys someday rule the earth?

Seriously. Think about it.

This book was written for you.
And for anyone who can knit
or do a proper one-arm pushup
anyone who has wrestled a live alligator
while on vacation in the Alps.
This book is for you, absolutely.
No question.
For anyone who knows where I left my car keys, or saw me holding them at some point this week or who was the previous owner of my 1998 Toyota Tercel but neglected to give me the extra set of keys when you sold the thing to me.
This book is for you.
I had you in mind when I wrote it.
You were close to my heart throughout the process…

For anyone who called “just to say I love you,"
before August 1, 1984
or who called fairly recently but then realized you’d dialed the “wrong damn number” and quickly hung up just as I said, "Hel..." in a British accent. 
and then called back a minute later,
and did it again.
This book is for you too.
I thought of you as I wrote it.
I have always loved you.
Even when you went through that period we all pretend you didn't where everything we ever said was "totally, really stupid" or later "so bloody bourgeois… "
and then you fell over that purple ottoman.
There really is no way around it.
This book is yours.
I surrender.
You may have it
(for just $13.95).
Your soul is in each exquisite page.
I left it at
...You’ll need a credit card.

How To Lose Your Voice Without Screaming 
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