Thursday, April 11, 2013

Do You Recognize The Artist?

It's finally here! 

How To Lose Your Voice Without Screaming 
(the rough jacket cover)

Here's just one of the rough jacket covers for How To Lose Your Voice Without  Screaming by an excellent North American artist. 

Do you recognize the artist?

This was the first one I looked at. I've asked for three of different styles. I was so impressed with the first submission that I gave the artist complete creative license for the last one. 

We are are also discussing including small iconic images that would be placed below the title of each chapter. 

The rewrite is going superbly! I'm very very excited with the way the novel is evolving and the insight I'm receiving from the readers. Seven people working on several continents have been reading and helping me with this draft. I am indebted to them. 

I am, indeed, very grateful. 

To read the opening of 
How To Lose Your Voice Without Screaming 
hit the link below:

I Want My Own Dimension!

Do you want to be a reader for the beta draft of How To Lose Your Voice Without  Screaming? Feel free to contact me at: 

I am brilliant!