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Novel Synopsis: How To Lose Your Voice Without Screaming

Here's the synopsis I am using with publishers. What are your thoughts?

How To Lose Your Voice Without Screaming explores, with both humor and sensitivity, what can happen when you repress a big, terrible secret. ...Kingsley Kuchner is a single private business owner living quietly in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the 1960’s. His life is an empty routine and, though his thoughts are often occupied with Martha, the spirited and exotic woman who lives next door, he is very much alone. Also, he’s haunted by a disembodied voice. Each day this voice tells him the same story. The voice begins its story, then finishes it and begins again. This has been going on for 20 years, and now the voice is growing louder...

At the suggestion of a neighbor, Kingsley meets with a psychiatrist of questionable repute who advises him to write this story out and, "however seemingly impossible," attempt to have it published. Only by doing this, Kingsley is led to believe, will he lose the voice and find true happiness, perhaps even love. Kingsley writes out the story and at the insistence of a publisher finds himself reading it on a popular prime-time broadcast. It is at this moment that he realizes there is something very very special about his cryptic little story. Within minutes of unleashing it upon the American public, the course of his life, the lives of four others and, indeed, American culture are altered irrevocably. As his life spins out of control Kingsley begins to suspect that what he has shared with the world might not be as whimsical or innocuous as he had thought. Finally, with the help of the former society darling, the disgraced Doctor Flees, Kingsley begins a journey of discovery that uncovers a series of truths that are more beautiful and terrifying, and much more dangerous, than he could have ever imagined.

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