Monday, February 13, 2012

Thoughts: who are you?

With the release of the third chapter of HOW TO LOSE YOUR VOICE WITHOUT SCREAMING (The Infallible Doktor Flees) there was a HUGE unprecedented burst of activity, particularly in the US, yesterday. It kind of, sorta, like, blew my mind. I do not know anywhere near that many people in the United States... I guess some readers shared the link? Thank you!

By the way, very very helpful comments and encouragement from Robert Studholme, Spot68, Safa Adam etc in the last few days. Please keep these coming. Overall, most thoughts are being sent directly to me. If you'd like to leave your thoughts on the site, see the 'Comment' at the bottom of the upload.

Thank you for all the hits. It makes the writing process that much more meaningful to know people are getting to know Cowboy Kingsley, Doctor Flees, and Zeak. Martha is on the way. She just put on her sunglasses and is collecting her things... Get ready. Chapter Four, Three Reasons To Go On, will be released over the next couple days.

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